Thursday, June 27, 2013

Assignment 8

First off, it is nice to get used to another presentation format other than Powerpoint. I chose the topic of Social Interaction/Privacy. I discussed how as young professionals we have to constantly be on guard when interacting online even though we still "Young" and make some young people mistakes. Always read and look at what you are posting before you make that decision because that decision can't haunt you. Hope my short presentation can shed some light on this.

Final Reflection

Throughout the course of this class, I have gained a lot of respect for the teaching profession. I never knew quite exactly how much work went into preparing lesson plans. I have only seen the student side of the student-teacher relationship, and from this side it looks so much easier than it really is. All of the technology that has come about in the last few years to help teachers out is another neat thing that I have encountered.

Being an HTML snob, I never knew that there were such easier ways to make "webpages" either. Linking word documents is something that I never would have thought to do in a million years.

The next time I decide to mock somebody for going into elementary education, I will definitely think twice about it.

Assignment 6

Carmen Sandiego is a great educational game that is indeed timeless. It’s entertaining and will get your gears churning while also teaching you many worldwide facts. It is a perfect game for elementary school kids to begin to sharpen their world knowledge before heading off to middle school and geography classes. Having that basic knowledge going in will do nothing but improve the child’s skills. I would recommend this game to anyone.

Pearl was a good site to go and find out information on what happened there. For it to be a .org site it was somewhat disorganized in that I was expecting to see more quality but it does get the information across. What happened at Pearl Harbor is pretty self explanatory but the site shows videos from that day that are firsthand accounts which are hard to come by. I would recommend this site for informational purposes but if you are looking for an interactive site this isn’t it.

Assignment 5

·       iMac - $1,299.00
·       projector - $299 Epson
·       projector screen - $48 Office Depot
·       smart board - $1379.46 JTF business

The education world today is leaning more away from PC computers towards Apple products. I do not want the kids coming in and out of my classroom to never see a Mac until they step into their college library and that’s all that they have access to. As some students have difficulty seeing a small projected screen, I feel as if getting a higher powered projector and a larger projector screen will benefit these students. It will also help the other students pay closer attention since the graphics would be better. As the smart board is concerned, students need to become more active in every day classroom activity. Allowing for the purchase of a smart board to be placed in the classroom is a HUGE deal. Students will have the chance to come up and actually manipulate what we are working on. And let’s face it, every student loves being able to play with high tech stuff. Getting them psyched with new technology will boost their desire to want to learn and in turn they will learn more and have higher grades!

Assignment 4

Writing a lesson plan out has proven to be a difficult task for my advertising minded self. Again, I don't know how teachers do this for every single day and every single thing they teach. WikiSpaces is a pretty cool tool to be able to get everything organized and in one place. All you have to do is pull up one site and you have everything right there at your fingertips.

Assignment 7

After doing this assignment I learned another way of linking things. I have always used CSS and HTML to make pages and link things together. I never knew you could do it in Microsoft word. I have also gained a new appreciation for teachers. I never knew planning something as simple as a virtual field trip took so much to do.

My virtual field trip was to the Birmingham Zoo. The class was split up into groups of ten lead by chaperones to negotiate around the zoo using just the map provided. The assignment for after was to make their own map of how they went around to each exhibit. Example: starting at the entrance then going to the monkeys, then exotic birds, then elephants etc etc.

Assignment 3

Cognitive Style: Intuitive/Emotional
Sensing and Intuition are the perceiving functions. They indicate how a person prefers to receive data. These are the non-rational functions, as a person does not necessarily have control over receiving data, but only how to process it once they have it. A sensorial person prefers to receive data primarily from the five senses, mentally lives in the present, is practical and uses common sense solutions automatically, the memory recall is rich in detail of facts and past events, and likes clear and concrete information; dislikes guessing when facts are not well defined or confusing. Intuitive persons prefer to receive data from the unconscious, or seeing relationships via insights, they mentally live in the Future, Uses imagination and creates/invents new possibilities automatically, their memory recall emphasizes patterns, contexts, and connections and is comfortable with ambiguous, fuzzy data and with guessing its meaning.

Thinking and Feeling are the judging functions, this criterion defines how the person processes information. Thinking (Rational) uses logical 'true or false, if-then' connections. The thinking side of our brain analyzes information in a detached, objective fashion. It operates from factual principles, deduces and forms conclusions systematically. It is our logical/rational nature. Feeling (Emotional) uses 'more or less, better-worse' evaluations. The feeling side of our brain forms conclusions in an attached and somewhat global manner, based on likes/dislikes, impact on others, and human and aesthetic values. It is our subjective/emotional nature.

Visual Learner
If your are a VISUAL learner, then by all means be sure that you look at all study materials. Use charts, maps, filmstrips, notes and flashcards. Practice visualizing or picturing words/concepts in your head. Write out everything for frequent and quick visual review.

I agree with both of these tests. Even though I never would have thought I was an intuitive/emotional person before, after reading what all it means to have this kind of cognitive style it is me 115%. I have always been a visual learner as well. I can’t even begin to tell you how many packs of notecards I have gone through in my 16 years of school. I should probably invest in stock at Office Depot or something.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Assignment 2

As an Advertising student here at Alabama I do not have any experience in teaching or helping in a classroom. I do have loads of experience using technology though. Everything that we do is done on a computer on some kind of software. However, when I was in grade school computers hadn’t really been placed into our curriculum. We had a few computer technology classes, but they weren’t required. A few years after I graduated high school Baldwin County had placed MacBooks in the hands of every student in a few select schools. How jealous was I? Pretty jealous. I believe that technology can be used in the classroom to better students while at the same time be used sparingly as to not make the kids sit at a computer more so than they already do.

Educational technology, in my opinion, is any form of technology that can better the minds of students. Whether it be Leap Frog, Accelerated Reader, Hooked on Phonics or Aplia, all of these varied forms of technology advance students into a deeper level of learning. I see all of my teacher friends pinning education things to their Pinterest boards that include using iPads in the classroom all the time. Using iPads to keep their lesson plans organized and their ducks all in a row is one of the main things I have seen. I encourage the use of technology in the classroom to a point. If every generation before was taught without technology and are running our country now, I believe that this generation should be able to get by without having technology run their education fully.