Monday, June 17, 2013

Assignment 2

As an Advertising student here at Alabama I do not have any experience in teaching or helping in a classroom. I do have loads of experience using technology though. Everything that we do is done on a computer on some kind of software. However, when I was in grade school computers hadn’t really been placed into our curriculum. We had a few computer technology classes, but they weren’t required. A few years after I graduated high school Baldwin County had placed MacBooks in the hands of every student in a few select schools. How jealous was I? Pretty jealous. I believe that technology can be used in the classroom to better students while at the same time be used sparingly as to not make the kids sit at a computer more so than they already do.

Educational technology, in my opinion, is any form of technology that can better the minds of students. Whether it be Leap Frog, Accelerated Reader, Hooked on Phonics or Aplia, all of these varied forms of technology advance students into a deeper level of learning. I see all of my teacher friends pinning education things to their Pinterest boards that include using iPads in the classroom all the time. Using iPads to keep their lesson plans organized and their ducks all in a row is one of the main things I have seen. I encourage the use of technology in the classroom to a point. If every generation before was taught without technology and are running our country now, I believe that this generation should be able to get by without having technology run their education fully.

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