Thursday, June 27, 2013

Assignment 5

·       iMac - $1,299.00
·       projector - $299 Epson
·       projector screen - $48 Office Depot
·       smart board - $1379.46 JTF business

The education world today is leaning more away from PC computers towards Apple products. I do not want the kids coming in and out of my classroom to never see a Mac until they step into their college library and that’s all that they have access to. As some students have difficulty seeing a small projected screen, I feel as if getting a higher powered projector and a larger projector screen will benefit these students. It will also help the other students pay closer attention since the graphics would be better. As the smart board is concerned, students need to become more active in every day classroom activity. Allowing for the purchase of a smart board to be placed in the classroom is a HUGE deal. Students will have the chance to come up and actually manipulate what we are working on. And let’s face it, every student loves being able to play with high tech stuff. Getting them psyched with new technology will boost their desire to want to learn and in turn they will learn more and have higher grades!

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